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Kawai laurencin Developing a series of Murals for Diversity.emory.edu

Emory University Staff member Kawai Laurencin is workign with the Senate Diversity committee to develop a series of murals for the Diversity.emory.edu campaign:

I want to convey in this painting the unique beauty each individual
carries. Beauty will be represented as a butterfly. Each butterfly is
in different stages of life, but when they come together around
different ethnicities, religions, and even different physical
abilities they are able to hatch from their cacoon and expose their
true beauty.

The painting will be completed in sephia tones (browns and variations
of neutral organic colors). However, the butterflies will be completed
using vibrant colors to emphaise beauty, diversity and individuality.
Although every butterfly is different I want to focus on the
uniqueness of the world we live in; to show that diversity is
beautiful especially when we work together.

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